Alpha Between Glass Blinds Specifications


Work required includes horizontal louver blinds for installation between two glass panes and supplementary items necessary to complete their proper installation. Glass to enclose blinds and window frames are specified in the Material section.


1. Product Data: For each type of indicated , includes style and materials descriptions , construction details and dimensions of individual components and profiles , features finishes and operating instructions.

2. Shop Drawing: Show location and extent of between glass blinds. include elevations, sections, details and dimension not shown in Product Data. Show installation details ,mounting and attachments to other work, operational clearance and relationship to adjoining work.

3. Samples for Initial Selection: Provide for each colored component of each type of horizontal louver blind indicates, including accessories involving color selection

4. Samples for Verification: Louver slat, not less than 12 inches long,prepared on samples from the same materials to be used for the work


Deliver blinds in factory that are marked with manufacturer name, product name and location of installation (based on the same room designation indicated on Shop Drawings and in a window treatment schedules).

  • Environmental Considerations: do not install blinds until construction is complete and ambient temperature and humidity conditions are maintained at the level indicated for the project based on its intended use. Do not install blinds until wet and dirty work in spaces, such as planting , is complete
  • Field Measurement: verify dimensions of other construction by field measurement before and indicated measurement on Shop drawings.


Alpha Commercial Blinds (1-501-455-1324) will provide the appropriate materials according to the conditions of the Contract and Division 1 Specifications.

  • Louver Slats: Aluminum, alloy and tempered recommended by the manufacturer for type of use and finish indicated. Includes crowned profile and radius corners
    1. Nominal slat width: 0.625 inch for mini-blinds
    2. Slat spacing not less than 24 slats per foot.
    3. Nominal slat thickness: Not less than 0.006 inch
    4. Slat Finish: True white , unless otherwise indicted
  • Tile control knobs: As selected by architects from manufacturer strands selections
  • Framing: (not used in sealed units) 1-3/4” wide by 1-3/16” tall , 6063-T5 aluminum extorted perimeter framing with removable glass stops
  • Finishes: (not used in sealed units), Framing finish to be architectural class 1 clear anodic coating conforming to Aluminum Association standards unless otherwise noted. Additional anodized or painted finishes available if indicated by architect.
  • Glass: to be 3/16” clear tempered (1/8” clear tempered standards for sealed units) unless otherwise indicated. Glass shall be in compliance with the requirements set forth by ASTM-1048-91. Quality Q3, CPSC standard architectural Glazing materials 16CFR1201,1.2 and ANSI Z97.1 for fabrication ad tempering


  • Examine substrates, areas and conditions with installer present for compliance with requirements for installation tolerance, operational clearness and other conditions affecting performance
  • Do not proceed with work until unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected in a manner acceptable to installer. Starting work will be depended on applicators acceptance of surface condition
  • Install in accordance with manufacturers latest published requirements instructions , specification details and approved Shop Drawings
  • Set units square, level, plumb and aligned with surrounding construction
  • Securely attach framing with adequate fasteners appropriate to the supporting substrate materials, as recommended by between glass blinds manufacturers instruction
  • Perform the work carefully so as not to mar the units or surrounding work. Damaged units or surrounding materials damaged during installation shall be repaired or replaced
  • Adjust horizontal louvers blinds to operate smoothly, easily, safely and free from binding prior to installation of glass
  • Clean blind surface and interior glass surface just prior to enclosing between glass, according to manufacturer’s written instruction