The Benefits of Between Glass Blinds

One of the more interesting trends lately is that of between glass blinds. To the average person reading this, “between glass blinds” may make you scratch your head. What are those? Therefore, let us rephrase that to “between the glass blinds.” Or, as kids might say, “blinds inside the windows!”

In the old days, you hung curtains or blinds over windows and doors. Today, however, there are companies like Alpha Commercial Blinds who can supply you with between glass blinds, which are contained literally between two pieces of glass, as if they were neatly wrapped up never to be touched by human hands.

Between glass blinds are useful when you want to keep certain areas private from prying eyes, as well as in places where you want to control the amount of light you let in or let out. Just like traditional blinds or curtains, they serve this important function. However, since they’re contained between glass and are in a sealed environment, they’re maintenance free, don’t get dusty and won’t show wear and tear.

If you are working in a place where the terms “particle-free” and “sterile environment” matter, then between the glass blinds are an especially smart choice. It’s no wonder, then, that many hospitals and doctors’ offices use them nowadays.


In addition to hospitals and private practices in the health care industry, between glass window blinds are also popular additions to educational and governmental buildings due the privacy and security they provide. Of course, they would likely prove to be a tremendous asset to nearly any type of commercial space, and since they don’t require maintenance and have long shelf lives, they are a prudent investment that will serve your company or organization for years to come.

Whether you want them inside your windows or doors, Alpha Commercial Blinds can manage to fit between glass blinds into a wide variety of spaces. That includes wood doors, swinging doors, aluminum frames, and more. Please call 1-501-455-1324 to discuss your needs today.